Founded in 1992, TOBRUK International Corporation uniquely focuses on Procurement services that will simplify your aviation process. Supporting and providing sales, repairs, and overhaul services for aircrafts parts to the military, corporate, commercial, defense, and aerospace market. We strive to provide ingenious and price competitive solutions and to excel in quality and service. TOBRUK International Corporation resolve any aircraft emergency situation (AOG ) services and customer support 24/7 within hours, allowing the airplane to promptly return to its schedule service. TOBRUK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is located in MIAMI, Florida within six miles of proximity to the MIAMI International Airport (MIA).
TOBRUK is known in the industry for providing the best experience with total integrity for more than 23 years in the aviation market. Employs a staff of highly trained and experienced in the field and strongly motivated to serve you. We identify a qualified manufacturer or supplier, contract and finance the purchase, inspect the parts quality, package to the customer’s requirements, obtain appropriate shipping documentation, and ship to the final destination.
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